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Gas Hobs

Gas hobs are a fast and efficient choice for cooking.
Installing Gas Hobs
Direct replacement of gas hobs is usually a fast job, these normally take approximately an hour, for an exact price, get a free quote today.
Installing new hobs, where there is a gas supply to the house, usually takes approximately 3-5 hours. This does depend on different factors, to get an accurate costing, click below to get a free quote.
Servicing Gas Hobs
Servicing your gas hob is recommended every couple of years.
Servicing hobs usually take less than an hour if there are no issues with it.
Servicing a gas hob entails cleaning the burners and gas jets, checking pressure and sparkers etc.
Repairing Gas Hobs
The most common issues with gas hobs are the flame is failing to stay on or the igniters are not functioning correctly.
When the flame is failing to stay on, it is normally attributed to malfunctioning thermocouple or gas valve. 
This fix is usually quick depending on the accessibility to these areas. E.g. Screws are not seized.
In some cases, you may need a new thermocouple or gas valve which vary in price.
Gas Stoves Plumbing

gas stoves

Gas Hobs are a great choice for cooking. Whether you are installing, repairing or replacing a gas hob, give us a call.
We have years of experience and are passionate about Gas Fitting. 
Need to know costs first? No worries - free*, no obligation quotes. 
Gas Hobs Plumbing
Commercial Kitchen Plumbing

commercial kitchens

When things go wrong in your business, you need to rely on somebody to prioritize you first. We pride ourselves on being available when you need us.  
Installing a new kitchen, servicing current appliances or if you have issues with your appliances, don't hesitate to give us a call.
What do we service?
Gas fryers, gas hot plates, gas stoves and ovens, chargrills, salamanders, basically if its gas, we've got you covered.
Common problems in commercial appliances
The most common issues with commercial appliances are lack of servicing and maintenance.  This is attributed to lack of cleanliness. 
If you want your appliances to last longer, with fewer issues and fewer costs, thoroughly clean them on a regular basis.
How long does a service on commercial appliances take?
Servicing generally takes 1-2 hours per appliance, however, it does depend on a number of factors such as cleanliness, if there are any problems etc.
Can we order parts for your appliance?
This depends on the age and brand of the appliance. Most everyday brands can be sourced for parts, however, overseas imports are more difficult. We will do our utmost to find a solution to your problem.
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