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Quality Tapware
Quality Tapware
Quality Tapware

Plumbing Services

What do we cover?
- Domestic
- Commercial
- Industrial
- New home builds
- Major/minor renovations
- Repairs
- Maintenance & Servicing

Common examples of plumbing services

- Leaking taps, fittings, pipes etc

- Major/minor bathroom renovations

- Vanity, shower and toilet installations and replacements

- Toilets that wont flush

- Hot water cylinders repairs and replacements

- Infinity hot water system installations and repairs

- Laundry tub replacements and installations

- New home build installations

- Burst pipes

- Insurance quotes and repairs

- and much more!

Leaking Tap

Leaking taps? Leaking pipes? Constant dripping?

We know that really annoying drip, drip, drip, when something has sprung a leak. More often than not, its a simple fix. A new washer or replacement of a fitting could eliminate that irritation straight away!
If your a busy mum, a working man or are just time constrained and haven't had a chance to fix those small DIY jobs, get in touch and we can give it that quick fix!
Its easy to get in touch - leave us a message on live chat, send us an email, txt or give us a call with your details and we will get in touch with you. No fuss, no obligations, easy peasy!

Thinking about Infinity hot water?

If your kids have extra long showers, or, you love to have a good soak on a Friday night in your bath, an infinity hot water system is a great option. You can have peace of mind ensuring you don't cut yourself short on enough hot water for the whole family.
Infinity hot water systems are gas water heaters that never run out of hot water. It is a great replacement for a hot water cylinder as you only pay for the hot water you use!
This is a combination of plumbing and gasfitting work.
Another great bonus is the extra space! No more hot water cylinder frees up that cupboard! Infinity systems are usually stored on the external walls.
Rinnai Infinity VT26
A lovely toilet

Toilet that wont flush?

A common problem for ageing toilet systems is the flush button becomes temperamental or the water is always running into the pan.
It is very annoying, and somewhat embarrassing for yourselves or guests when the toilet doesn't work!
Often all the toilet needs is a new part which is relatively inexpensive.
Wash the problems away and get in touch today!  

Shower got no power?

Everyone loves a shower with plenty of pressure. If yours is looking a little sad, give us a call to see your options.
Shower pressures can sometimes be as simple as a clean or poor quality shower head to something more complicated such as water supply pressure to the house. Either way, there are options to help increase your pressure. Take advantage of our free quotes* and solve those shower blues.
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