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Endless Hot Water sound like a dream come true?

If you imagine having showers or long baths where you can switch off, not be worrying about using up the hot water and get lost in the heat of the shower, then an infinity system will suit you perfectly.

The gas infinity hot water system is efficient, instant and endless hot water.

You only pay for what you use, rather than heating an entire cylinder and maintaining the heat, the infinity system gives you heat on demand with no end in sight!

Where should the infinity be installed?

The infinity is usually located around the rear or on the sides of your buildings, out of the way and out of sight. It should be located within these guidelines;

  • At least 30cm away from any openable window or door

  • Near a bathroom or kitchen

  • As close as possible to the current hot water cylinder

  • Away from gas meter

  • Cannot be too close to power meters

There are quite a few more requirements but these should help you get a rough idea of where you might want to locate the infinity.

LPG Bottles

Remember that when you are installing on an LPG bottle, you don't need to run it to the gas meter, you are running it to the LPG Bottles. 

This means you can place them a lot closer to your infinity - saving you money on gas line installation.

Rinnai Infinity, or Rheem Infinity Installation Palmerston North
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