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Hot Water Options!

If you are having troubles with hot water supply and need to consider a new option. We can offer several options for your hot water.
  • Continuous Gas Hot Water (Infinity)
  • Electric Hot Water Cylinder
  • Gas Hot Water Cylinder
  • Wetback hot water from your fireplace

Continuous Gas Hot Water (Infinity)

The gas infinity hot water system is our most popular choice of hot water supply.
It has several great attributes that make it a great replacement for the traditional hot water cylinder
  • Efficiency - you only pay for what you use (top choice for bach's)
  • Instant heat - no waiting for cylinder to warm up. Its letting out hot water as soon as you turn on your hot water tap.
  • Endless hot water, it doesnt matter if you have 10 guests over all taking a shower after another, the hot water supply will not run out.

Electric Hot Water Cylinder

The electric hot water cylinder is found in most older homes and is a popular method of heating water.
It has some great benefits such as 
  • Does not require gas supply
  • If you have a power outage, you will still have hot water for up to a day afterwards
  • Works on low or high pressure water supply
  • Ability to have wetback and solar addition
You can compare heating systems below.
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The gas hot water cylinder (calorifiers) is a commonly seen system in homes. It heats the water using a flame burner rather than an electric element.
Some great benefits of a gas hot water cylinder are;
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Gas Hot Water Cylinder

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