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Heating your home

Gas Heaters (Flued)

Gas heaters are a great option to heat your home. No fuss, no mess and you can set it to a timer so its already toasty when you get home.

Gas heaters have a temperature setting where you can select the room temperature you desire.

They are flued, this basically means it has a chimney - it removes any of the gas combustion outside so your only left with clean heating in your home.

For an idea on what size you need for your home, see our guides below, or view the range and get prices! We also have exclusive deals for customers wanting to join up with gas suppliers.

Rinnai Energy Saver 559FTR

Gas Fire Heaters

Gas fire heaters are a heater that has the flame effect of a fireplace but without the need for wood. They are a great option if you dislike the mess involved with the traditional fireplace.

These heaters can be set to exact temperatures, put on timers and are aesthetically stunning!

When you come home at night, you can have your home already toasty with their preset timers set for you or your guests arrival.

These are flued heaters, this means it basically has a chimney (though far less invasive) where all the gas by-products go out so you are left with only clean heating in your home.

We also have great deals with gas suppliers - check out our deals on our specials page.

Rinnai Gas Fire

Wood Fireplaces

There is nothing quite as cosy as being tucked up next to the crackling fireplace with flames dancing to and fro.

A fireplace is a great way to heat your home.

They are cheap to run and efficient. They have the added advantage of being able to add on solar or a wetback heating system.

Another great advantage of a fireplace is they are usually very low on maintenance costs.

If you are considering getting a fireplace, check out our guide below and see what fireplace would best suit you.

Wood fireplace
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