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If you are thinking about converting, we can help!

If you are in need to switch from LPG to Natural gas, or vice versa, we have highly experienced, expert gas fitters that can make that switch quickly and efficiently. If you are still considering the costs of converting to LPG or Natural Gas, you can request a free*, no obligation quote.
Converting LPG to Natural Gas
Changing from LPG Bottles to Natural Gas can also be a saving if you use a lot of gas e.g. for cooking, hot water and heating and have 2+ residents in the property. This is cheaper as LPG generally costs more than Natural Gas supply and these savings outweigh the difference between the daily fixed charge (natural) and LPG Bottle hire. See more comparisons below.
Whats Involved in Converting from LPG to Natural Gas?
When you convert from LPG to Natural Gas it is best to do this before you purchase any appliances as it is an extra cost to convert each appliance from Natural to LPG Gas.
If you already have appliances in place, bear in mind that every appliance will need a gas conversion kit. This can be quite a costly process but the savings from the change can be worth it.
Converting Natural Gas to LPG Bottles
Changing from a Natural Gas Supply to LPG bottles can be a wise move. If you don't use a lot of gas e.g. you have 1-2 residents and only hot water, or just your cooking on gas supply, changing to LPG bottles can save you money as the daily fixed charge (Natural) is usually than the LPG bottles hire charge. See more comparisons below.
Whats Involved in Converting from Natural to LPG Bottles?
When changing from LPG to Natural Gas, it is much the same as the other way around, except the conversion kit is for Natural. For a Natural Gas Supply, a gas meter may need to be installed. This can be arranged with a Gas Supplier. If you have any difficult questions, give us a call or email.
Gas Supply
Natural Gas
  • Never runs out

  • Don't have to worry about changing bottles

  • Cheaper when households have multiple gas appliances

  • No storage needed for bottles

  • No maintenance required for regulator (gas company's responsibility)

  • More expensive when you have few gas appliances

  • Monthly line charge

  • Limited by location; not available in some areas

  • Can be more expensive than LPG depending on location of appliances and meter

LPG Bottles
  • Available at nearly all locations

  • No monthly line charge, just bottle hire-age (usually significantly less)

  • Perfect for baches or holiday homes where usage can be infrequent.

  • Can be cheaper installation costs as bottle/s location can be closer to appliances (not restricted by meter location)

  • Regulator maintenance

  • Can be more expensive if households have many gas appliances

  • Changing bottles

  • Possibility of running out of gas

  • Check gas levels occasionally to see when replacement is needed

  • Must store bottles on property externally

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